Marketing Support For Local Bournemouth Agencies

Flexible, Expert Resource Just When You Need It Most

From my own experience in the agency world I know it would have been great to have a senior expert resource available at the drop of a hat.

Far too often internal resource gets stretched to breaking point with the typical roller coaster ride of agency work. This can impact on quality of work produced through to your team’s happiness and the culture of the business generally. Knowing all too well what that feels like, I am more than happy to work with agencies directly. In fact, I am finding a real demand for this service.


Are you guilty of not doing for yourself what you deliver for your clients? I call this the Ronseal Effect! Far too often agencies do not market themselves very well. Is the positioning right – or even the brand itself? Do clients know your name and do they understand what you do? I have had considerable experience of growing agencies into multi-million pound businesses. This, coupled with my rare blend of offline and online skills, enable me to craft creative marketing campaigns to deliver great success for your agency.

New Business

Have you ever been asked to put a new business proposal together in record speed? In my experience, you are rarely given the time to do the work that is needed when preparing a pitch. What a blessing it would be if your agency had an external, super-skilled resource that could be there to add the “bells and whistles” finesse to help you win that new client. With years of pitching and strategy writing under my belt, I can offer that flexible resource which can be used when the “pitch pressure” is turned right up.

Account Direction

Now that you have won all those fabulous new clients – with my help, of course! – do you have the team in place with the appropriate know-how to deliver those great ideas that made the client choose your agency? Or even know how to deliver those great ideas that made the client choose you? What you might need is some temporary senior level support and account direction. It may not be for long, it may not be client facing, but I can offer a short-term overflow resource to help agencies through those tight spots where man hours sold don’t match the man hours available.

So, in a nutshell, I can offer a senior, expert and flexible resource to help your agency be the best it can be.

Is it time to suggest a meeting with coffee and some cake?

The Proof Is In The Digital Pudding

Along my career journey I have had the pleasure of working with many great individuals and clients alike. And here is just what a few of them say about my approach, work and results delivered…

"During my time at B&Q, Nikki was incredibly inspiring to work with. She really knows her subject and she has such a lot of energy. She delivered some amazing work during her time at B&Q and turned the online marketing department on its head, breaking ground and getting immediate results. I really admire her and would congratulate anyone employing her or working alongside her as you will have a star in your midst."


"Nikki is an inspiring digital professional who challenges the norm and drives creativity with a real flair to help deliver a measurable return on investment. A real personable professional who always sees the work through - giving 110% in all my dealings with her.

BEN HOLLOWAY Marketing Manager

"Nikki has worked closely with our company for the last 6/7 years. Most recently Nikki has acted on a consultancy basis managing our in-house SEO training which included web optimisation. social media and how to use this as a tool to increase turnover. plus how to use Google Ad words for the best results. The social media and PPC training has shown an instant increase in sales and Nikki is now actively monitoring our work remotely but is always available for help and advice when needed."


"During my time at Vanquis. Nikki demonstrated the ability to work with people at all levels and tailor her business style. She is able to quickly understand your business model and goals to work collaboratively to bring a range of marketing solutions. Nikki always showed a genuine interest in the business and was a pleasure to work with and working together we rolled out many successful campaigns. Nikki has a good analytical and commercial focus, which helps to provide real and measurable results."

ELLIS FERGUSON Marketing Manager