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#digitalaccelerator Is A Tried & Tested Approach

It is my belief that whilst the digital arena is a new way of doing things, traditional marketing principles must still apply.

Sometimes it is a blessing to have age on your side. Far too often digital can be seen as a young person’s game but in reality those people that make it work lean upon years of experience to develop the right answers.

For me to be able to deliver my vision and inspire digital success, I like to go through a sound process. That way any strategy is based on solid foundations, insight and not something that is just thought of on a whim.

These stages can be applied for a business requiring a complete digital overhaul or employed for a single digital channel, like social media or organic search.

The structure just works! And it is tried and tested to produce the desired results.

1. Objective

The starting point for any project begins with understanding your business. Where you are now, how things are going and what you want to achieve. Right up front it is essential to agree the objectives and targets needed to realise digital success creating the framework for future effort.

2. Audit

How well is your website performing? What is working well now? What can we do more of and what do we need to do less of? These are all questions the audit phase will look to answer. Insight from your historic results will provide the foundations for all the future work.

3. Audience

Why put your finger in the air and guess who your audience is and what they want from you? Conduct some simple, low cost research and establish this accurately. Getting cut-through in this cluttered channel comes from knowing everything you can about your customers and how to engage with them effectively.

4. Benchmark

Yes, believe it or not there will be other brands out there doing what you do! So let’s not reinvent the wheel or come up with ideas that just won’t cut it. If we review what your competitors are doing it will be possible to set the bar for what you need to do as a business to get digitally ahead.

5. Strategy

This is the stage where it is time to apply everything learned to date and come up with a great plan. Not just any plan, but one which focuses energies on quick wins and blending long term tactics with creative ideas to deliver the business objectives agreed at the start of the process.

6. Implement

So we have a great plan, now is the time to action it. We will work together to put new initiatives live, optimise current activities and generally get down to some good old fashioned hard work. Did we say digital was easy because in fact it does take a lot of man hours to get it right!

7. Measure

Now the results of our labour will start to come to fruition. Using performance data, we will be able to see in real time what is working and what is not. Optimisation in digital is one of its key attributes, allowing you to make changes along the way to get the results we set out too achieve.

8. Evolve

There is often no time to rest on your laurels in digital as there is a constant need to evolve. The plan created 6 months ago may still be relevant but the pace of change in this industry means there is probably more tactics, targeting options or activities we should be looking to incorporate and test.

Has this tickled your fancy and inspired you to get a little bit excited about digital?

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The Proof Is In The Digital Pudding

Along my career journey I have had the pleasure of working with many great individuals and clients alike. And here is just what a few of them say about my approach, work and results delivered…

"During my time at B&Q, Nikki was incredibly inspiring to work with. She really knows her subject and she has such a lot of energy. She delivered some amazing work during her time at B&Q and turned the online marketing department on its head, breaking ground and getting immediate results. I really admire her and would congratulate anyone employing her or working alongside her as you will have a star in your midst."


"Nikki is an inspiring digital professional who challenges the norm and drives creativity with a real flair to help deliver a measurable return on investment. A real personable professional who always sees the work through - giving 110% in all my dealings with her.

BEN HOLLOWAY Marketing Manager

"Nikki has worked closely with our company for the last 6/7 years. Most recently Nikki has acted on a consultancy basis managing our in-house SEO training which included web optimisation. social media and how to use this as a tool to increase turnover. plus how to use Google Ad words for the best results. The social media and PPC training has shown an instant increase in sales and Nikki is now actively monitoring our work remotely but is always available for help and advice when needed."


"During my time at Vanquis. Nikki demonstrated the ability to work with people at all levels and tailor her business style. She is able to quickly understand your business model and goals to work collaboratively to bring a range of marketing solutions. Nikki always showed a genuine interest in the business and was a pleasure to work with and working together we rolled out many successful campaigns. Nikki has a good analytical and commercial focus, which helps to provide real and measurable results."

ELLIS FERGUSON Marketing Manager