Develop In House

Bespoke Digital Marketing Training Tailored To Your Business

Build Your Own Talented Team

I live in the real world and understand that using external resources to market your business can get expensive.

I strongly believe that having talented digital people within your business will become a necessity.  Perhaps it’s a requirement right now.

It would be my absolute pleasure to share my knowledge, skills and experience with your team by offering training courses to assist you to develop an in-house, effective digital media capability.  I can also offer ongoing support for your brand as required.

I can customise training  precisely to suit your business needs, delivering what will work best for your team.  I have found that this flexible approach to training is really beneficial to all clients.

In the last few years there has been a real explosion in clients looking for marketing courses to enable them to become better at digital.

Here are just a few of my popular courses:

Social Media

Our social media course really does break this channel down into bite size chunks. It starts by focusing on what social media can do for a business and runs all the way through to practical sessions on how to get the most from the platforms, how to post, how to use #’s, how to create great images and more. Tricks of the trade are shared along with handy tools to manage and speed the process up. The training aims to give confidence and energise participants to really take the social bull by the horns.

Content Marketing

What is content marketing and how does it apply to my business? Content is the unsung hero in digital marketing but it actually represents a critical ingredient to any search or social campaign. Learning how to maximise the value of every piece of content produced across your business and how it can be leveraged for multiple sources is central to this course. Understanding how to amplify content through paid sources to increase its coverage and engagement to optimum levels is also a major segment of this course.

Organic Search

What are the components of a modern day organic search campaign to get your website to the top of Google? This course takes digital novices through a staged learning approach to break down this dark art into simple elements that work together to improve organic results. Rocket science it is not, but it does take a certain amount of confidence to join the dots together and create a winning organic campaign. In short, this course will give attendees the framework, tools and assets to support search engines visibility for your business.

The Proof Is In The Digital Pudding

Along my career journey I have had the pleasure of working with many great individuals and clients alike. And here is just what a few of them say about my approach, work and results delivered…

"During my time at B&Q, Nikki was incredibly inspiring to work with. She really knows her subject and she has such a lot of energy. She delivered some amazing work during her time at B&Q and turned the online marketing department on its head, breaking ground and getting immediate results. I really admire her and would congratulate anyone employing her or working alongside her as you will have a star in your midst."


"Nikki is an inspiring digital professional who challenges the norm and drives creativity with a real flair to help deliver a measurable return on investment. A real personable professional who always sees the work through - giving 110% in all my dealings with her.

BEN HOLLOWAY Marketing Manager

"Nikki has worked closely with our company for the last 6/7 years. Most recently Nikki has acted on a consultancy basis managing our in-house SEO training which included web optimisation. social media and how to use this as a tool to increase turnover. plus how to use Google Ad words for the best results. The social media and PPC training has shown an instant increase in sales and Nikki is now actively monitoring our work remotely but is always available for help and advice when needed."


"During my time at Vanquis. Nikki demonstrated the ability to work with people at all levels and tailor her business style. She is able to quickly understand your business model and goals to work collaboratively to bring a range of marketing solutions. Nikki always showed a genuine interest in the business and was a pleasure to work with and working together we rolled out many successful campaigns. Nikki has a good analytical and commercial focus, which helps to provide real and measurable results."

ELLIS FERGUSON Marketing Manager